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Announcing Avian Appointments in Green Bay!

I've teamed up Dr. Gray and Dr. Gilbert at Gentle Vets in Green Bay, WI to offer avian appointments. Gentle Vets already sees birds and helps local wildlife (Bay Beach Wildlife Center) and the local zoo. I'll be spending some time with the vets and staff to train them even further. We're starting this out as a once monthly opportunity and our first clinic will be Wednesday, May 17th. They are located at 1476 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call me at 360-271-7000 or email me at vet@avian-vet.com.


Thank you to all who donated for the capnograph!

CapnographA capnograph measures exhaled CO2 during surgery providing vital information about the patient's blood oxygenation and respiratory function. I reached out for donations to help purchase one and we were successful! It was purchased in March and will be used on upcoming satellite transmitter implant surgeries in water birds. Stay tuned!

Hi, I'm Dr. Scott Ford...

and I'm a specialist in avian medicine and surgery. I attend pet and wild birds exclusively because, the way I see it, birds are a diverse group of animals with special needs and it requires focus to be the best at caring for them. I see pet bird patients in Wisconsin. I am also available for consultations and wild bird research support anywhere in North America or beyond.